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Omaha Police Video: Alleged Brutality Caught On Camera Prompts Outrage, Investigation

I may be wrong but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this weren’t the 1st or even the 2nd time that a scene like this went down involving multiple cops using excess force at this specific location. I mean, the most obvious clue lies with the neighbor that made the video (aka: their guardian angel!)…he probably was like “this time I’m gonna record this insanity.” So as soon as the first cops showed up he started recording, already knowing what was to come, based off of prior incidents like this happening before. Also, there’s a few other little things that make it look like this could be more than a one-time occurrence. Again, this is just my thoughts and opinion; not factual.
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Are You a Handwriter or a Typer?

I’m definitely a hand-writer at heart. For me, pen and paper tends to be a lot more straight-forward, comfortable, and effortless for taking notes and/or general “fluid”, creative writing type things.
That said, I also don’t mind writing alá word-processor; it just doesn’t come as naturally as hand-writing does, which in my experience (and in my observations) sometimes hinders my thought-process or my “creative flow” to an extent.
Needless to say, in choosing which “tool” I like more ultimately depends on the subject matter at hand – if the writing pertains to a business letter or a haiku; a sudden thought that only has time to be jotted down in ink at risk of losing it in the next instance or if it’s an official contract write-up of some sort …,obviously, my preferences change due to the circumstance.

But yeah, if I had to choose one over the other, my choice would be hand-writing.

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Handwriting is like making love; typing, like having sex. It’s essentially the same enjoyable activity, but the approach is slightly different.

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