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The feelings of grief – the anguish, the loss, the abandonment – is so eloquently described in this poem by Gabrille Bryden that I had to reblog it on my blog. All credit goes to her, obviously. These powerful emotions of dolor are so vivid, daunting, especially at the onset when all can seem like a fathomless depth of eternal anguish and neverending suffrage. Although the dejection of something so traumatic* to ones soul, body, and/or mind may never go away completely, it does and will improve with time. I promise you it gets easier to live with, just take one day at a time. Trust me, I know.
*trauma is always relative – something seemingly minute or “no biggie” may be another ones hellstorm of woeful heartache – or a trigger to a past event. No need to ever one-up someone when it involves grief of any form or reason. Just my opinion – obviously loss of a child isn’t on the same par as a puppy-love BF/GF breakup, but I’m banking on the fact that you know what I mean. ;-))

Gabe Feathers McGee


and then you were gone,

the moon twisted to unseen and dead beat stars gave up,
the earth cracked open and the doors to heaven slammed shut,
the wolf lost all hunger and sprawled in the darkness, surrendering
to nothingness, a great emptiness inside, spreading from stomach to heart
to fingertips, strangely light, outstretched, reaching for one last touch, before the tears
wash away the past, for the weeping now, of sobs convulsing and shoulders trembling,
seized with the fractured space, that is the world without you,


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