CBS Launches Stand-Alone Streaming Service

Why in the world would I pay a monthly subscription fee for broadcast TV that is normally free? Also, has long had their shows online for free streaming, which was awesome and I loved them for doing that wayyyy before other competing broadcast channels like ABC, FOX, and NBC did.

For a long while CBS had all the full episodes of current their current TV shows up which were automatically commercial-free and free to watch (super wonderful). Then, slowly, a couple years ago, they started inserting more and more adverts into all their shows which was, yes, annoying but understandable since they do need to generate some revenue and maintain servers and whatnot.

But then (cue: somber drum-role please), as of 3 days ago, I go to watch a 48 Hours episode (*embarrassed*) and am completely blocked from viewing a single episode unless I agree to sign up for a $6 monthly subscription! And this is to view a TV show that’s normally free and still with tons of commercials taking up half the time of the show?!? Um, do they think I’m a complete twittin idiot or something? Hell no thank you, CBS!!!

With much disappointed frustration, I immediately went over to the NBC site where I happily was able to supplement my craving to watch a creepy docudrama epi by watching ’Dateline’ with Keith Morrison instead.


The floodgates have officially opened.

Just a day after HBO unveiled plans for a Netflix-style Internet-only subscription service, CBS announced Thursday that it too is launching an on-demand streaming offshoot called CBS All Access.

For $5.99 per month, subscribers will have access to thousands of CBS episodes from the current season (with fresh episodes available the day after broadcast) as well as previous seasons.

Thousands of epsidoes from classic shows (including Star Trek, Twin Peaks and Cheers) also are ripe for bingeing.

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CBS All Access is available now at and on mobile devices through the CBS App for iOS and Android.

CBS All Access is another key step in the Company’s long-standing strategy of monetizing our local and national content in the ways that viewers want it,” said Leslie Moonves, President and CEO…

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