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Troy Davis is Executed (comment via HuffPo)

Horrible. In my opinion, there’s just way too much doubt existing in this case to have warranted Davis being executed. Why couldn’t the court just give him life in prison, seeing that his innocence was in extreme question – globally and locally? Isn’t doubt, like in this case, usually the top reason NOT to move forward with an execution? I mean, he was convicted in 1989 – they obviously took their sweet ol’ time getting around to his lethal injection.­.. Were they afraid he’d finally get a new trial and/or be found not guilty and get his freedom? Makes me wonder if perhaps new informatio­n (proving him innocent) had recently come to light or something and the Georgia officials/­state/etc. just didn’t want to look bad for having kept an innocent man behind bars for 22 years, didn’t want to have to explain they were wrong to the victims family and everyone else.. I wouldn’t put it past them one bit, seriously. It’s basically as if they just wanted to shut him up and everyone else in the world who thought otherwise of his conviction­.
And how does one even get the death penalty without physical eveidence – like Troy Davis- and only here-say, while that trollop Casey Anthony had physical evidence of her murdering her toddler yet walks outta prison scott-free and with a mega-$$ deal??? Where’s the justice in that? Ugh I can’t even..with this anymore.
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